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Originally Posted by lagbc View Post
Thought it would be interesting to see what YOU think should be Top 3 mods on ever KLR650 (tires excluded), and let's just keep it to 3.

My bike is mainly used as dual sport, so from my point of view Top 3 mods would be:
  1. Skid Plate (To protect engine)
  2. Crash bars (To protect sides)
  3. Handguars (To protect levers from braking off, when bike is dropped)

Looking forward to see what YOU think should be Top 3 mods and why.

I agree, qualifying the list with the proviso: For off-road riding survival.

For those who never stray off pavement, not so much. Of course, laying one down even on pavement can trash the levers and plastic. Off-road, chances are, the bike WILL go down. Thus, the recommendations appear valid in any case.

Skid plate? Might be optional, for a road-ridden only KLR. With rocks a possibility; highly necessary, IMHO.
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