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Originally Posted by Spec View Post
Just discovered the TV series Fringe. Well not just discovered I've watched bits and pieces while channel surfing but never did really understand what was going on, much like being married but I digress.

Anyway found it on Amazon streaming and started in on season 1. It's great IMHO. Interesting premise (spoiler... parallel worlds and all that). Just started on the 2nd season. End of the 1st Spock er... Lenord Nemoy shows up how cool is that?

So OK I'm hooked same thing happened when I discovered Lost. Had to catch up on 5 seasons. I don't know what season Fringe is on currently but it going to take me awhile to get there.

Anybody else like the show?
I liked it from the start - but with my screwy rotating work schedule, I ended up dropping out of it. It's twisted and strange - totally mind bending.

Just as an FYI: The series finale was either last week or two weeks ago. So you'll be able to watch the whole thing, beginning to end.

Hell, maybe I should do the same thing...

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