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Heated Gloves

Originally Posted by hottrodd7 View Post
I'm looking for some advise on heated gloves. I was out riding yesterday (23 degrees) and was totally warm except for my hands. I've got a Firstgear thermal one piece suit that rocks--but my hards are ready to freeze off. I've never had heated gloves before so I know nothing about them. I want to go this way instead of heated grips so I can use them on different bikes. Questions:

1. What brand are you using and would you recommend them?
2. Are the heated glove liners a good choice (cheaper) or go for the entire glove?
3. Can the electrical system on the KLR handle the load?
4. Best place to buy? (price, service, etc).
5. Other info you think I should know but I'm too dumb to ask!!! LOL

I've a pair of Gerbings heated gloves that I use on my Wing. They work good.
Last year I wired my Kubota so I can use them plowing snow.
Get the controller so you can adjust temp. Sometimes on the Wing, I have to drop the temp down a notch, or swap out for regular gloves. The controller is more convenient.

BTW: The Gerbing jacket has connectors on the sleeves, so you can connect the gloves to the arm.

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