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She came home today all doohickied up.

Thats right after months of seperation, she decided to come back home completely rebuilt, and yes while doing the first stage of Break in, she lifted her paw for me with a flick of the wrist. She was born in Jan 06, and after catastrophic engine failure, had to be completely torn down and redone with brand new parts by awesome genuine American Technicians. Apparantly the old doohickey(still in tact) and the broken spring(which totally fried the motor) were lost during the process and Eagle Mikes Parts might have made it in there somehow. But, I can't state this as a fact.

I imagine it might have cost Kawasaki at least the price of 40 Eagle Mikes doohickies to do it???? I dunno.

Anyway, I had a few presents ready for her when she got here. A Genuine Happy Trails K-9 Fork Brace, and a bunch of other stuff including Progressive Springs Stainless Break Lines Speed Bleeders etc... I will be be dressing her up this weekend(thanx Arrowhead, KLR650.com and Motorcyclesuperstore.com all great peoples. She needs to relax a little, apparantly the Surgery and the Break in has exhausted her.

You know, she got a BRAND NEW CYLINDER HEAD, cause the old one was scored? Wouldn't it be nice to get my hands on that and send it to KLRCary, for a custom fit 685cc piston? Hmmmmmmm. It might just happen someday? Can't wait to tear into the carb with all the information I have gleaned from many of you and the Clymer and everywhere else here on the web.

Also, they noticed the Fork tubes were still in the shipping position??? How would I know this? Anyway, someone had mentioned early on in our relationship when I posted my concerns about "wind" problems, to check this out? To all you owners out there(who don't already know), the "Shipping Position" basically means the fork tubes are raised about 3 inches in the upper tree. Look at the top of the fork tube where the caps are. They should be slightly below where they clamp into the tree. If they are sticking way up, well that aint how they are supposed to be, but, the Tech did mention that some actuallly have that done, in order to lower the KLR. Oh yeah, I am 5-11 and before I could just NOT QUITE flat foot. No chance of that happening at all now. But, I don't feel like I am riding a Sport Bike anymore either, much more comfortable now.

Finally the moral of the story is. Do the Doo. If you are under warranty? Well it is a gamble, but if it crashes let Kaw pay good ole American Techs to fix it. Also, the dealer I purchased the bike from looked at it first. They basically rode it around the parking lot and said she is as healthy as a horse. I wanted a second opinion and got my bike fixed. They never questioned me about did you do this or that. Of course I did follow all maintenance procedures even before they were necessary. They were awesome and on my side? Why wouldn't they be? Heck Kaw gotta pay for this? They work for a living right?

Anyway, if you ever fall out of love with the KLR, well, give her away for a few months. Hell, I feel like the day I did when I bought her and it was just to cold to ride.

Here she is all doohickied up(pre K-9). Don't sweat the date, I don't have a clue about digital cameras, and obviously they didn't do KAW Green till 06. Can someone tell me how to make the flash work? lol

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