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Mounting options for a pelican tail case

Hey guys. First post here; I just got this brand new 2012 KLR a week ago. Im already modifying it.
I bought a OD green Pelican 1520 case that I plan to mount to the tail of my KLR. The only problem is, there isn't much info out there on how to go about doing this. I found a tutorial on how to mount one to a '07 and older KLR, but the 2nd Gen KLR has a different tail mount.
After a couple draft IPAs in the garage, I'm thinking of drilling holes through the tail mount in four places, then sliding bolts though the pelican and the mount and having female nuts on the back side to secure the pelican case.
Reference the photo below. Where the four bolts are sitting on the tail mount is approx. where I plan to drill the holes.

Ok, someone please tell me how to post a picture here.

What do you guys think of this plan? Is anyone else out there done this, or something similar? I'm open to other options. The thing is, there are only 4 8mm bolts attaching the tail mount, and the two near the seat (forward) wont be able to attach to the pelican case because I want the case mounted far enough back that I will still be able to remove my seat without removing the pelican case. One other thing I thought of with my plan, is, that when I wipe out on the bike, if the pelican case gets hit and rips the bolts out/breaks them, it won't effect the 4 8mm bolts (or the 2 allen bolts) that are there for the structural strength of the tail mount.
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