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There is a great selection of rallies to go to this year, so call up a friend or two and show up to a few of these rides!

Thanks to all the organizers!!!!! You guys ROCK!

If you are new to the forum, the organizer will make a 'thread' usually a month or so before the ride giving specifics about location, costs, possible tours being offered, keeping tally of riders coming, etc. Dates normally show the starting day as a Friday, but several people like to 'Early Bird' it on Thursday....... Hope to see ya at of these great rides in the South!

Rally_________When____ Where_______Organizer___Link

TDA VIII______________Feb 22-24____Ed and Bernices CG_____Nukeman__________ FL riding
Tree Farm Camp Out____March 8-10____Treeman's Place_______Treeman___________ FL riding
Slaying the Dragon______Mar 29-31____Iron Horse ML_________ridir frith___________NC/TN riding
Valley in Sky (Work Day)__Apr 6 or 13__(Old) Two Wheels Only__tagalong___________SUCHES
Sequatchie Valley Days__Apr 26-28_____Trials Training Center___cherokee_chuck_____TAG riding, soon
Spring Fling 3__________May 3-5_______Cabins at Nantahala____Joewannabe________NC/TN riding, soon
TDT VIII______________May 17-19_____Cherohala MR________ cherokee_chuck_____TN/GA/NC riding, soon
DS the Free State IV____May 31-June 2__Brushy Lake Rec Area___Al Goodwin ________AL riding, soon
Blue Ridge Run_________June ???______Blue Ridge MC_________mdrake___________NC/SC riding, soon


WhatDaHala___________Sep 6-8______Cabins at Nantahala_____Joewannabe________NC/TN riding, later
TDP VIII______________Sep 20-22____Riders R & R __________steve______________TN/NC riding, later
Bat Out Of Helen_______Oct 4-6_______TBA_________________GAthumper_________GA/NC riding, later
Hanging Dog__________Oct 18-20_____Crawford's Campgroung__cherokee_chuck_____NC/TN riding, later
Bama Jama___________Nov 1-3_______Tagalong's place________tagalong___________AL/GA riding, later
Cuhutta DS Tour_______Nov 22-24_____Casa de Randall________johnrandall_________GA/TN riding, later

* Target date shown....New owner working to open 'Spring'....could be one of these weekends. More to come.

ORGANIZERS----These dates and locations for the most part are the same weekends as they were for 2012.......if anything needs changing, please give me a shout!

Keep Loving Rides!
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