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When talking about gear, I always encourage people to get familiar with Brittany Morrow.

If you're in an accident, the gear has to hold up for several seconds. Leather may be re-usable, textiles may not. Skin definitely won't hold up and will have to be replaced, which is far more expensive than the most expensive gear and, I hear, rather painful.

Pants - get some. Decent ones with armor in them. Jeans won't protect you.

Gloves - even a pair of $10 deerskin work gloves from the home improvement store will wear better on asphalt than the palms of your hands. I don't know what kind of work you do, but have to wonder how well you could do it if you had no skin on your palms for a few months. I am currently wearing either Held Air or Icon Pursuits, both about $70.

Boots - I'm a big fan of the Gaerne Explorers not only for their function as an on/off-road boot but for the fact that they fit my wide feet. These boots have a Vibram sole and give good traction off-road and they are pretty comfortable for a bit of a hike. Not so comfortable as a true hiking boot, but they offer good shin protection. Any similar boot would be good. I would advise staying away from a short road boot as there is no shin protection, and away from a road boot in general as the tread is somewhat lacking and useless in loose terrain.

The helmet you've bought is a good one, being a full-face and not a flip up or 3/4. It will serve you well.

The jacket is a good one and will afford good protection, though I prefer one with a bit more length and more pockets. I use Olympia gear. My cold weather jacket is Airglide, my warm weather a Transformer, which is no longer made. My pants are also Olympia.

Hearing protection - use, at the very least, some disposable ear plugs. There are many varieties available and the cost is pocket change for a pair that will last for a few days. Better is custom earplugs. Unless you are very lucky with your head shape and how it goes into our helmet, you'd be surprised at the noise level from wind. You'll suffer hearing loss if you do it long enough. I started riding in '72 and began wearing hearing protection 5 years ago. Should have done it sooner.

A final word - stay away from bargain gear like Bilt. It's cheap for a reason. The gear itself will protect you in a get-off, but it won't hold up over time - zippers and closures will fail, seams will fail, armor will deteriorate. Think like a smart poor man - a poor man can only afford to buy top quality, as he can't afford to keep buying cheap stuff.

Look for brand names in your gear - Genuine Cordura, 3M ScotchLite, YKK zippers, Velcro, GoreTex, etc, and be wary of imitations.


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