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Originally Posted by Tom Schmitz View Post
geolemon -

In this activity a 400 pound machine can land on your leg; that's one difference between motorcycling and the aforementioned sports.

Here's a picture of my leg after the bike landed on it. It got much larger and more colorful in the following days.

The lower part of my leg was trapped under the frame just aft of the footpegs with much of the weight of the bike having hit it and then resting on it. The big bruise above was just from the upper part of the bike landing on my knee.

That part of my leg that was encased in boot had nary a mark on it though it took the brunt of the hit. No broken bones or sprains, either.

I'd ride in boots and change into shoes at work. I don't think there's a better option.

And THANK GOD that picture never went any higher!!

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