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Good on ya' LJ !!!

From time to time I'll also practice hard braking if I find myself in a good spot away from other traffic. The local high school has markers out in the parking lot presumably for band practice that I'll use for slow speed riding practice also. I dont always cover the levers, I should, but always do in heavy traffic or threatening situations. In hard braking a mirror check is in order as the threat can change from ahead to behind quickly.

Another thing I find myself doing as well as braking practice is avoidance maneuvers at speed. Pick a spot ahead and imagine say a cinderblock lying in your path, apply some deliberate countersteering to initiate a change of direction. It's amazing how quickly you can get your bike to respond. Where deer are concerned I think it's better to keep a straight line and slow as quickly as possible than try to avoid. They are just too unpredictable.

Practice slowing mid corner. If you follow the advice of "in slow, out fast" you should be OK but you never know when you may have to do it. I'll pull the clutch and gently apply the front brake staying completely off the rear. I'll take any other good advice on this as it's the most upsetting situation I've ever found myself in.

Practice practice practice and be sure you're away from other traffic doing it. I'm not much on rote learning methods but in these cases the point is to make the actions automatic and you a better, safer rider.

OK, off the soapbox.
Ride safe.

Gray-haired riders donít get that way from pure luck.

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