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Hydro line ride - May 4, 2013 Pakenham, Ontario

The weather for Saturday looks great with a high of ~21º. Riders can meet at my place (00:00.00) or I can pick up the group alone the way at the corner of Dwyer Hill Rd and Panmure Rd. (00:15.00) or we can meet at the boat launch at the Blakeney Bridge (00:25.00). I'd like to be home by 15:00 so I'd plan on leaving my place around 12:45.

I would consider this route to be an ideal "KLR Trail". Some technical stuff in short bursts, some water crossing (not much last year..), wide open right-of-way, and not much traffic.

This is not a "single track ride". It's a good intermediate trail (I consider a "beginner trail" to be a fresh gravel country road).

I'm all for getting KLR (any dual sport really...) trail noobs out and off the paved roads, if they so dare, to see if trail riding is for them. It's a chance to field test all those mods and get dirty doing it!

So if you are on the fence about your own ability and you worry that you'll "slow us down" then consider this the invite to come out knowing that we are a group of learners and always welcome a new rider.

Please PM if you are intend to ride with us (only me so far...) so I have some numbers and don't leave someone behind who is running late.
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