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Originally Posted by Jamie
Excellent report as usual Mike! But where was Kay today? Lemme guess. Getting Christmas stuff finished up or painting? That temple reminds me of some I saw in Thailand. Bizarre. Thanks for taking us along!

Yea, Jamie-----Mike was a on the sick side when I left that morning to finish up some shopping and deliver some artwork-he had run a fever during the night and I really didn't really want to hang out with him to much for fear of getting it so he did a solo run without me. As for the palace of gold --you guys can just type in Palace of Gold in your search engine and it will pull up their site with a virtual tour-pretty interesting stuff with the history of it. Still kinda gives you the willies to go by though--there is a living quarters compound across the road and big garden-lots of condo like apartments. Makes you wonder how many converts are in their that their parents haven't heard from in years and are wondering where they are. They give tours of it during the summer months.It is absolutely out in the middle of nowhere. Have a good one and hope your back surgery turns out great Jamie-tell Kim HI! for me. K
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