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Old 06-21-2007, 01:11 PM Thread Starter
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Preparing for the big trip.

I own a '00 KLR 650 with 1200 miles. I have smaller turn signals and a corbin dished, every thing else is stock(just ordered first set of tires). The only tune ups have been changing oil, lubing chain, and a spark plug. I'm going on my first big trip in july and I was wondering what I need to do to the bike to get it ready. 300 miles is the most I've ridden at once yet, this trip will be about 1500. Im going from Indianapolis to Deals Gap in tennesse. Most of the mechanics around town say this bike will beat me to death, Telling me to consider trailering . They also told me its extreamly hard on single cylinder dual sports to take trips like this. After reading many KLR trip reports I know totaly possible, but people are making me nervous. I'm going to do the doo, subframe bolts and get a new chain. What else should I do before I get into some serious touring. I hav'nt heard of any tech days close to Indy, and I dont know anyone around to ride with so Ill be riding solo. I would like to get the bike in top shape. What is the most popular chain and my sprockets look great do I still need to change them out? I wont be doing all the work myself. I have a friend whos a mechanic thats going to charge me to come to my house and work on the bike so I want to try to do it all at once. Any input would be great.
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Old 06-21-2007, 03:47 PM
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1200 miles or 12,000 miles? If the chain has been taken care of you should get another 8000 out of it. I live just south of Lexington, Ky. in Richmond off of I-75. You'll probably be passsing thru here heading to Deal's Gap. These bikes have been riden from N.Y. to Alaska and back. The bike will make it fine, just make sure and give yourself as many breaks as you need. Nothing more dangerous than riding fatigued. I personally did a mod where I changed out the old style BUSS fuses under the seat with Circuit Breaker style fuses with the newer fuse type two blade design. I picked everything up at Autozone for around $16. This way if a breaker trips, you just turn the key off and then back on to reset the breaker. If they keep tripping then you need to check for electrical issue related to that breaker. Give this site a look over. Can help you out with a lot of ideas and mods.

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Looking to get back into KLR's sometime soon.

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I made a typing error, the bike has 12,000 miles. I'll be stopping to ride at either Black Mountain in Harlan or Red River Goerge mid or late july. I took a solo trip to Harlan in May. I had a great time but was afraid to go deep into the woods alone incase I broke down. If you have some free time during that time frame let me know. It would be nice to hook up with someone in the area to show me around.
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Beat you to death???????????????

What kind of wussy would say that????

Check out , you can read about my trip from SE KY to Key West FL on my 04 KLR, or my trip in 06 to the left coast and back, or my trip to Venice FL in 07 on the KLR.

With 12, K on it I have to ask, have the valves been checked??

Second set of tires??????? Mine was gone at 4500.

There are MANY mods you can do to it to make things better, but which ones you want depends on you. On my web site I show some of the ones I have done to my 04.

NADA tunnel in the red river gorge is awesome, we rode that last week. Deals gap is better during the week, unless you are going to see all the bikes that show up there. You will see all kinds there, and a bunch of them too. Just remember to ride YOUR ride and don't get caught up tring to keep up with someone.
One important thing about riding anywhere, don't try to strighten out the road by riding in the wrong lane. A lot of the crashes on deals gap are caused by a car, truck or even a bike crossing the center line and hitting oncomming traffic head on. Or a bike running off the road avoiding someone in their lane.


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Old 06-21-2007, 09:06 PM
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Yep, the tunnel at the Gorge is awesome, just be aware of the black ice in the middle sometimes, I had a jeep get a lil sideways in there once, while I was playing with it, listening to my exhaust..."shakes head", yeah that was years ago when I was younger. LMAO... I have learned!

2008 DL650 VStrom Yellow and Black
Previous ride was a 2007 KLR Black/Silver, I miss it..
Looking to get back into KLR's sometime soon.

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Old 06-22-2007, 12:24 AM
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Sounds interesting!! Is this an all road trip unless you hit Harlan? Harlan was pretty cool and I feel was very dualsportable (is that a word?). I had my KDX200 there and rode with quads (BoooOOOOOoooooOOOORRRING). Won't ever ride with utility quads again. The place was pretty awesome and setup pretty good for some faster riding, but I had to chug along with the quads because they kept stopping and I had to keep backtracking.... well I can go on for awhile so let's just say it sucked and move on.. LOL!!

What is your time schedule for this trip?.. Are you hitting RRG, Harlan and Deals Gap all on the same trip?

I'm curious, because this trip is enticing me! I am in Evansville, Indiana.

Originally Posted by Daddyjoe View Post
Beat you to death??????????????? What kind of wussy would say that????
This wussy!!! LOL!

I'm not a fan of high speed interstate runs with the KLR. Pretty much a horrible experience and would rather trailer queen it then deal with hours upon hours of that torture. Could probably do 3 hours of intercrap if I stayed around 60 mph. I plan to do this either tonight or tomorrow. Tour De LBL tomorrow -- WOOHOOO!! Head on down to LBL Gitrdun, got about 6 riders showing up.

50-60mph average is about right for a trip that won't leave you completely drained at the end of the day.

Anyway.... give me some details about your schedule.

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Old 06-22-2007, 12:25 AM
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1200 miles, thats just a day trip if you have the corbin

i would suggest getting the tall windshield for the ride down, take the stock one with you for riding the gap. i put 4300 miles on mine in less than 2 weeks.. a couple 900 mile days. just pay attention on how you load the bike, if you have saddle bags, load the heavy stuff as low as you can, high cross winds can really mess you up. they were so bad in iowa and nebraska on the trip out to moab, i had the throttle pinned just to maintain 70 mph and had to ride almost on the shoulder because the wind gusts would take me to the other side.

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Thanks Steve, you will be missed.
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Old 06-22-2007, 12:27 AM
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Beat you to death???????????????

What kind of wussy would say that????
I couldn't agree more.. I rode mine 500 miles each way to the BMWMOA National rally a couple years ago, and had a blast. Rode 500 miles down on Thursday, rode 300 around Ohio on Friday, and another 500 on Saturday, only to run around in Southern Wisconsin for another 350 on Sunday, with no issues, even when riding 10 miles to work on Monday..

You don't need a big touring bike to have fun and be comfortable. (says the guy who just brought home a Goldwing).. The KLR's are a great bike for everything. Enjoy it and enjoy the ride!!
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Old 06-22-2007, 10:34 AM
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12,000 miles and your ordering your second set of tires?... thats confusing.
you'd have to be riding the rims...

it's a used bike right?

do the doo
check the valves
adjust and lube the chain
pull the seat and tank, look for things rubbing and wires chafed.
put enough tools together to change a tube
and get one of these fancy dancy throttle locks.

And go RIDE ! ....WHOOO !

- Joe

HighSpeed Hiker- DV o5'
Originally Posted by larryboy
come awn... it's not'll be fun..

sorry I can't....... I'm fishing today
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Early july Im going to quit my job to take a road trip. This was the second year in a row that my work has promised me a weeks paid vacation and did'nt let me go when I wanted. I'll probably spend a week(give or take a couple days) cruising to different parks. From the time I was born to about ten my father was some what of a climbing/ hiking bum. He eventually settled down and became a full time firefighter, and received back injurys that forced him to retire at 40. It's been over 15 years since I've been to Red River or New River. I feel its time for a rode trip. Im still considering whether I want to go to Red River or Black Mountain. I was going to travel 50-60 mph on mostly two lanes. My plan is to take 135 south into Kentucky, travel two lane highways to campbellsville where I have family. I plan to camp here over night long enough to say hello and eat some good home made country breakfest. From there take 55 south to hw 80 to london, then take 25 to Cumberland Gap Parkway and head to Harlan. Black Mountain is by far the best ohv area I've been to. The trails are very fast. Most of them are doable in a stock jeep, some very technical. Last time I went it was Toyota fest. I woke up Thursday night around 2 am to some jerk holding a chainsaw absolutly wide open for long periods of time, only to find out it was the nastiest built 22r 4 banger I've ever seen. I was there riding my atv solo for a week this spring. Back to the trip, from Harlan there are nice two lanes that head to Deals gap. From there if Im feeling good I'de like to travel to New River to camp and maybe do a little fishing, then head to southern ohio to head home. Like I said if anyone has free time starting around the last week of july let me know, or at least if you live in any of the mentioned riding spots and would be interested in a short trip through your area.
Ride safe.
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