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shaoul 10-20-2015 01:10 PM

Tire pressure thoughts?
Hi, I've searched the threads and seen a lot of discussion regarding tires, but nothing regarding pressure. I'm running Kenda 270's on front and rear. The KLR recommended pressure is 21 psi for both front and rear. The Kenda max load pressure is 33 for front and 40 for rear. Riding mostly on roads but getting out onto the occasional jeep trail. Do you suggest that the KLR recommendation be followed or the tire manufacturer? Or somewhere in between?

pdwestman 10-20-2015 01:53 PM

Riding solo and no touring gear, I'll basically suggest to always Run at least 2 PSI more pressure in the skinny front tire verse the wider rear tire. The weight transfers to the front tire during Proper Braking. Higher front pressure handles better and 'cups' the tire less.
I'd only run 21psi in softer dirt, at slower speeds, no rocks and no asphalt!

I generally recommend starting at 32 front and 30 rear, regardless of tire brand or model.
The bike, rider and gear still weighs the same. The tire widths stay about the same. Shouldn't the pressures be about the same?

You can add or subtract from my basic recommended pressure, down for dirt or up for bigger guys or passengers. Up to max pressure on the sidewall, if need be.

DPelletier 10-20-2015 02:13 PM

I also run the same or less tire pressure in the rear unless I'm riding 2 up or loaded very heavy; the rear tire has much more load carrying ability than the front and more sidewall to help with pinch flats, etc. I run 20 - 22 but most of my riding is offroad and I'm too lazy to screw around with changing the pressures every time I pop out onto the pavement and back. I'd also recommend higher pressures for mostly pavement and/or highway travel for any length of time.


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