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My trike project is coming along. Afraid I won't have it ready to use in our July S/TEP class, but I am getting closer! Fired it up yesterday for the first time.


I stupidly miscalculated the dif ratio, so I need to find out who built the axle and re-gear it or start over with a new axle. Anybody recognize these markings? No, it is not a Dana Spicer(damnit).

On the up side, it handles well with no wobbles and reasonable steering effort It is louder than hell because I had to cut the mufflers off to clear the swingarm, and the little simulator makes you want to put on the beanie helmet and hang with the "bros".

I found myself saying things like "Ride to Live, Live to Ride" And "Some of the gear most of the time":rofl

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