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Navi, I know there has been a tremendous amount of work that has been done on the KVR tressles that were lost in the big forest fire a few years back but I am not sure if they managed to get all of them rebuilt or if they ran out of funding or what. I was told the other day that those that are not redone you can get around them via trails. The Aydra tunnel is one such obstacle that you must now go around due to unsafe conditions within the tunnel ie. cave ins and collapses. If you know the way it is easy to go around but it could prove frustrating to someone who does not know the way as there are many other connecting roads to the one that takes you around so you could easily take a wrong turn. Perhaps an organised ride could be aranged with local knowledge of the area.........just an idea. I would be up for that and happy to provide my two cents worth.
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