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Originally Posted by phila1114 View Post
Noticed ur windscreen & side deflectors in the video. Could u share info & more photos of both. I especially like the deflectors. I get a huge amount of air around the sides of my screen between the hand guards & the wide screen. Thanks, Phil

Sorry for delay. I must have missed your post.
Here's a pdf file showing more windshield detail.

There's more on my KLR web page.. http://www.powers31.info/2011_KLR650.htm
(Scroll down on page to windshields heading.)

I made the mounts from aluminum sheet stock. ( lot's of trial-and-error in bending the brackets. ) I'm real happy with the end result.
The side wings made a lot of difference in how much wind gets through to my shoulders and gives a larger "quiet" pocket in the seating position.
I made them from regular 1/8" Plexiglas from Home Depot.
The more vertical the main shield the more protection
it gives.

Seriously, I get more helmet buffeting from my GL1800 Gold Wing shield.
( It's lowered enough for me to just see over. ) Might be better if I raise it, but I like to be able to see over the top.

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My KLR Page..http://www.powers31.info/2011_KLR650.htm

Mod's to KLR:
Power socket, L.E.D. Battery Indicator, Camera bag holder
Custom Saddlebag frames .
Louder horns, Firstgear Onyx tail bag.
Custom Aluminum Skid Plate.
Cut down seat with Custom pad.
Go Pro Camera mount.
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