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Hey Al that would be good, I've recently lost 3 riding buddies to various circumstances. 1) Had a factory skid plate on his bike, hit a rock and tore his oil drain plug out (he's done for the season) 2 ) had his first baby, and has somehow prioritized child reaaring over KLRing... go figure and 3.) sold his KLR for some bizarre reason. A couple of weeks ago I went for a ride with the BMW owners group, a good group of guys from Halifax (a lot of them have other dual sport bikes as well as beemers). We went to Coldbrook, then drove across the province on an old railway bed, coming back to town on the opposite highway. It was a very tame ride, but the scenery was nice and the guys were good heads. I couldn't help swivelling my head around and going exploring everytime we passed a gravel pit or a single track heading into the woods...LOL. So drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know when you'd like to meet up and we'll make it happen! I would be curious to do a bit more exploring on the trails you talked about at Bowater. I think that's the system I entered a few times at the Pockwock Watershed area, and did some exploring.
(this response was cut and pasted from the other forum that you sent me a message in, Im a lazy typist)
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