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Originally Posted by steferf View Post
yeah, that is what I do when I am at home....cinderblick plus some wood spacers under the engine block. The KLR is nice and balanced, so it tips the opposite direction of the wheel I take off. Only problem is lifting a 400 lbs bike onto the stand :|
I hear you!

My friend with the portable jack fashioned from the Wal-Mart walking cane, deftly tilts the bike over on the existing sidestand to elevate the skid plate's right side, then places the "jack" under the elevated portion and allows the bike to settle down, supported finally by the sidestand, the jack, and one wheel--front or rear, depending upon jack placement.

I have a center stand, but needed some handy nearby paving stones and a convenient plank to raise the front wheel, last time I removed it on the road. Gotta go to Wal-Mart!
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