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Originally Posted by Renimus View Post
Did anyone try gel seat kit and what are your thoughts?
I was gonna include the link for it so you can see it, but it looks like I'm not allowed to attach links to other sites until I have more than 15 posts.

I'm looking to find something relatively inexpensive that will provide some comfort on long rides.

Wouldn't mind investing in some backrest that I can attach to top case. Any suggestions?
I had the gel seat, it was a little more comfortable than the stock seat. I didn't like the way the gel heated up in the sun though and then proceeded to hold the heat... Almost poaching sensitive parts! Still have it in the basement somewhere.

I much prefer the Seat Concepts kit, close in price and a lot more comfortable in my opinion. Same kind of deal, you reuse your pan and get new foam and a new cover in the kit. The Seat Concepts seat is wider than the stocker and seems to make a big difference. Well, for me anyway

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