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Paper.... is that seat that you are using very comfy? Do you think they are better or worse than the corbin?
I've had 4 Corbin seats over the years and have never found them comfortable, but they were better than the BMW seat they replaced.

Because of my absolute disgust with Corbin's products and past customer service, I won't own another.. I have a friend with a Corbin flat on his KLR, and it's a brick. He usually tosses a sheep skin on it to make it better. If I were going to spend that kind of money, I'd spend a bit more and have Russell or somebody make a very comfortable seat..

The Travelcade is very comfortable and was only a touch over $100. My only fault with it is that it's not waterproof, but it does dry quickly. With a Travelcade seat and a sheepskin, I'd gladly ride it anywhere in absolute comfort.

My first ride for more than 1/2 hour had me searching for an aftermarket seat. I decided to go cheap with the Travelcade, knowing I could always sell it if it didn't work for me.. Well, it's still on my KLR, and even though I could afford a Russell, I haven't found a reason to order one.. My KLR is ridden more miles every year than my Gold Wing, too..
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