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Originally Posted by NWGArider View Post
Yeah I mud plugged it again today but luckily I knew how to fix it. I should probably just stay outta the woods until I get it fixed lol
As a minimum, I'd suggest: attempt no significant water crossings, until you perform the Tee mod.

The carb vent hose on a stock Generation 1 has its opening approximately 10" above the riding surface. As posted above, this hose must be CLEAR for engine operation; otherwise, fuel cannot flow from the carburetor jets to the engine.

(BTW, the carburetor vent hose on a stock Generation 2 KLR650 is located about 30" above the riding surface.)

The "Tee mod," providing an alternate path for atmospheric pressure air to the carburetor float bowl, is the solution to flame-outs during water crossings with a Generation 1 KLR650.

Oh, you haven't performed this mod? Then, field expedient: Yank the carburetor vent hose off at the carburetor. At least, your float bowl will be able to breathe, and your engine will run, in water depths up to the carburetor height level.

Better solution: Buy a tee fitting and a length of hose; pdwestman has provided you with an elegant path for the auxiliary elevated hose run.
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