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Originally Posted by Renimus View Post
I've got 2009 and recently installed progressive 465 shock with rap. I't trying to adjust it to appropriate setting with all my gear on it, but having hard time figuring out what my ideal setting should be. I've been asking google and you tube as well, but couldn't find anything in detail that might help.
I'm 200lbs and I have 120lbs gear on me, total 320lbs. I'm doing mainly street riding, maybe some off road later.

I've done some measurement;
- when bike is lifted on center stand with rear tire in the air, I've measured from end of swing arm to my measure point up on frame - 23.1875"
- when i put the bike on the ground and sit on it with all my gear, it measures 19.875" with adjusting knob fully turned clockwise
- so difference is 3.3125. I think I read somewhere that it should be between 2.250-2.750"!? Is this correct?

Since I can't turn the knob anymore clockwise, should I adjust spring directly with mallet and screwdriver!?
Does anyone know right numbers I should be shooting for here, and what's the right action to take? If someone has experience with progressive with rap, that would be really helpful. I've send them email with these measurements but haven't heard from them yet.
I'm also curious how adjusting rebound settings can help and if I should change it. Right now it's set on 1.

Sag is set by adjusting the spring not the compression or rebound.The spring supports the weight of the bike.

Damocles is right Progressive should give you the sag measurement. Did you get the shock setup for the weight?

My .02, 120lbs of gear is way too much to hang off the back of a KLR!

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