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We do not know Which Brand or Model of tires you are running or What pressures you have in them.
But, I will suggest as my general rule of thumb, rider only Minimum 30F / 28R.
I always suggest 2psi more in the Front vs Rear, up to Max pressure.
Fully loaded, 36F / 34-36R. (check side-wall of your tires for MAX. press.)

Low tire pressures make a tire Flex more, therefore run HOTTER. Higher temps make tires more susceptible to catastrophic Blow-out.
Low pressures cause them to wear faster, cup or scallop on the Front tire, cupping leads to handlebar vibration, hand fatigue.

Any cupping/scalloping on your current F. tire, could aggravate your wobbles.

Good to hear you are getting shock spring pre-load issue straightened out.

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