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Originally Posted by Hynes57 View Post
Hey everyone,
I have a 2013 KLR 650 and was wondering if anyone has any pictures of a KLR 650 with these raising links installed. I`ve googled but all I get is pictures of the links itself, I am thinking about buying these links but I would like to know how the bike looks once there installed and how much taller the bike is, im not to worried about the height increase seeing that im 6`1.

Pictures and thoughts please!
I can't help on "Raising" links, but I did just install a set of EM lowering links.
They were advertised as lowering 1 1/4".
I measured my seat height before, by placing a level across the lowest part of my seat, with bike upright. Then I measured in same way after installing the links. The difference, measured, was just 1". Pretty close accounting for measuring errors, placement of the level, etc.
I would expect your seat to change by a similar amount as the links you installed.
( The links should be listed as to how much they raise the bike. That is how much the seat would probably rise. )
The bike would most likely lean more with the different links.

I had to shorten my side stand. To see how much I needed to take off the stand, I put the bike on pieces of 5/8" board. ( A piece under each tire, and side stand. ) Then I removed the piece from under the side stand to see how much it would lean. I used 1" boards to check again. Repeated using different thickness of board until I had the amount of lean I wanted. As it turned out, I only needed to remove 3/4" from the side stand.
I mention this because you could use this method to see how much your bike would lean with a given link change before buying a set. Raise the tires by the link rise number, and let the side stand rest on the floor to see how much more lean you will have.


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