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Originally Posted by DXKLR View Post
Yep 2008's have shown a broken spring and a doohickey before a 1000 miles like many of the previous ones. The doo itself on the 08 is the only thing that was upgraded, but there is still a good amount of slop in the fitting to the shaft in regards to the good Eagle Mike after market doo.
the 08 doohicky was good to go, no slop and greatly improved from the stock part...

I did use a different 37mm spring - the stock spring was long on my 05.

Engine runs much smoother since I did the upgrade, and now that I modified the cover I can check the spring tension much easier.

I have an extra side cover and gaskets that I am toying with eBaying...will drill the appropriate hole out for the side cover mod I think before I list it.

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