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I don't think I agree with you on all you say. My understanding is that you basically want to carry over insurance from an expired policy. I don't think there is an insurance company in the country that does that.

When you cancel you get a pro-rated amount returned if there is still time on the policy. When you purchase a replacement vehicle it's a whole new policy again unless you do an immediate transfer to another vehicle. It would be an accounting nightmare if insurance companies were carrying over balances of expired insurance rather than paying it out. They have no way of knowing if you are going to buy a replacement vehicle and how long do they hold the balance for? I'm sure it's all spelled out in your policy if you took the time to read it. As I said earlier there isn't an insurance company in the country that works how you would like it to. If you are getting a good rate don't burn your bridges.

My insurance company has me paying for the entire year up front with no opportunity to cancel, for a refund, during the non-riding months.

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