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I didn't buy another motorcycle. After 44 years of riding without ever being involved in a serious (disabling) accident I've decided to call it a job well done. Over the years I've logged away over 190,000 road miles and an unknown number of off road miles when I was a youngster. I got away with racing MX for a couple seasons in District 6 as an amateur without getting seriously injured and then went to road bikes when I turned 18. That was a good thing because the highways took me all over this continent from Newfoundland to about every corner of North America. It has been a great ride but now I'm done

If I were to want another motorcycle for use here I would be looking for an older Kawasaki Concours, one of the 1000 cc models. I found that to reach most places here you rode so many miles on paved roads that the proper ride would be a well designed road machine. The old Concours are much smaller and more nimble than the new 1400 cc bikes and when the pavement turns to gravel that would be handy.

In off road conditions here I found that most trails are so deeply rutted by 4 wheelers and the new side by sides that trying to negotiate them and the deep standing water on a motorcycle was an exercise in futility. Believe me I tried, I took those trails that lead back into nowhere and more often than not they turned into something that was just not meant for a bike. If you are young enough to engage in riding a Trials type bike I believe that would be fun here but taking a bike the weight of a KLR back into these bogs was not fun for me. This past summer would have been good because it was relatively dry and those trails leading off the Glenn out past Eureka would have been a good ride. However once you get to the Little Nilcheana River the party is over, the ridge trail that leads away from the Monument Hill above the river is an interesting ride too. I don't know if ever you've been back in that aera but there are options there. If you go alone just be sure to have things in good order before you leave, some of the lesser used double tracks don't see much traffic at all.


Spinning / flashing LED tail light;Dished seat;Nerf Bars;Panniers and rack;Aluminum skid pan;Master cylinder guard;tall shield;Heated gel grips;Acerbis Rally Pro guards with spoilers;Superbike low front fender;Doo upgrade;16T counter sprocket; K&N filter and box mod;GPS mount;Dash with voltage meter & clock;1" raising links;T bypass mod;anti vibe bars;anti vibe mirror mounts;Euro light switch; Aluminum choke leaver;new dry cell Super battery;Mefo Expolere's;New bearings and races
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