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Fuel Mileage, For Most of the Year

Ok, so first thread 'disappeared' into thin air. I'll try again.
I cleaned-out the gas receipts from my 'overly thick' wallet, last week.
I may be missing a few fill-ups. But I had 24 receipts, with numbers recorded, plus wife and I's Utah trip.

I dug back into my oil pressure thread to add mileage and mpg figures from our spring Utah trip to my totals.

......1011... miles Utah trip,about 17.275 gallons, 58.5250 MPG. From thread. With Soft Saddlebags.
......4434.4 miles to 11/29/14,,,,, 78.390 gallons, 56.5684 MPG. From receipts.
......5445.4 miles------------------ 95.665 gallons, 56.9215 MPG. Average, for most of the year.
How much was spent, you may ask? I don't know, I don't care, I had fun!!

Worst fuel mileage, was 1st tank on Utah trip. I remember about 42mpg. Wife has those receipts!
Probably was a mix of Last Autumns 'OLD Gas' and some Fresh Fuel.

Worst fuel mileage, from my receipts.-----------236.3 miles---4.782 gal---49.415mpg. 11/29/2014
Which was the just the Last Fill-up. October-November gas.

Best fuel mileage, in & out of Yellowstone N.P.-222.4 miles---3.006 gal--- 73.985mpg. 7/04/2014

Ouray, CO. trip in August------------------------722.0 miles---12.181 gal-- 59.273mpg. 8/17-20/2014
Included rugged mountain passes and mixed roads in-between. Included several 'spirited trips' up or down Red Mountain Pass, between Ouray and Silverton.
I will say, maybe SW Colorado might have better fuel quality than Wyoming. On Average??
Trailered down and back.

Longest Tank Full---------------------------------289.1 miles---5.601 gal----51.615mpg. In July or August

I must say the only trip with saddlebags, was with the wife. Utah, Idaho and back.

Also, I'm riding the 'light' Gen1 model. 1987 KL650-A1, 74,623 miles and counting.
And I probably weigh about 165-175lbs in full gear, with a 6-8lb butt bag! But I do have an 'over-stuffed, aero-dynamic' Moose number plate bag on my windshield! Carrying my 2 spare inner tubes.

Modify at "YOUR OWN RISK"!

Still riding my 1987 KL650-A1. 85,000+ miles & counting
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