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Originally Posted by Toney
I read that post, it looks like I have about 14 Amps left over for "my stuff".

Originally Posted by pdwestman View Post
I don't think so!
The Gen2 alternator puts out a maximum of 17 amps at 7000 rpm.
Do you spend much time at 7000 rpm?
Better figure about 3/4's output. If you over-work the alternator windings to 85-90% capability for sustained periods it will FAIL, EARLY!

So 17 x .75=12.75 amps, Reliably!

My best guess is the bike consumes about 9 amps while on Hi Beam.
And about 5 amps while on Low Beam.
I could be off by some, but just 'roughing it out'.

So now you can complete the math.

Maybe if Normk joins the thread, he will give you the definitive answer.
Or you could send him a PM.

I am in general agreement with pdwestman on this. At 4,000 rpm or so cruising speed on a gen2 KLR at best you would have about 7 amps on high beam and 11 amps on low beam for non stock accessories. Wattage calculations are usually based on rectifier voltage not battery voltage so that is around 100 to 150 watts at best. At lower speeds this would drop.

Keep in mind that you have to have some left to recharge the battery, so I would want to have a volt meter and back off the power usage if the voltage dropped below 13.8 volts.
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