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Acidman pretty much covered it.
I'm so excited that this is my 1000th post!!!
Dunno what to type. (Yes, I do.)

I'm a tinkerer and enjoy maintaining my bike.
Gimme a cuppa joe, tunes playing on the box, and
I can spend the whole day in the garage (my man cave)
You picked one of the most fun and reliable bikes
on the planet. The little mods and upgrades we do
are all spelled out, many have pics and youtube videos,
and when ya get stuck on what to do next just ask.
These guys are top notch people, not just bikers.

I researched a good few sites and this one is the best by far.
Good sense of family and mutual help n' goals here.
We don't cater to keyboard commandos, they just get quietly
removed and we move on.

I gotta chime in on the statements about our bikes being slow.
Put it in real world perspective and these bikes are fast as hell!!
No, they don't beat rockets on the dragstrip. Even with our roughly
40 lbs of torque/ hp they get up and go HARD at launch thru the first
three gears. Zero to 60 times are in line with muscle cars. That's the
real world perspective. When the light goes green we can shoot out,
pick our lane, pass easily, zip through traffic, and off to the country roads for
some real fun. Finding a place to pee/ smoke is quite easy, mileage is great,
and if you don't wish to wait, they do fine in the snow too. I ride all year
along the Indiana/ Michigan border with some crazy winters.

Have fun and again, Welcome!!


This is my son, with whom I am well pleased." ----God
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