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I don't blame any dealer for wanting maximum dollar. They only get so many of the KLR's which means they can only make so much from them. As already been said, they are out the door fairly quickly so why loose $200 when the bike will sell within a week anyway.

The only pitch you can hope for is to encourage the current salesman to sell it to you today for your price or the next guy that comes in might end up buying from a different salesman. I would assume these places still function on some kind of commission still.

When I was looking, I had to buy from a dealer 40 miles away and he only had the one green 06 left when I called. I told him to go ahead get it ready for me and I'll pick up Saturday. $5200pretax. The local dealer wanted quite a bit more AND!! I would have to wait some unknown time period before they even got one in.... NO THANKS!
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