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Question Help identifying dangling tubes

Hello all! First, lemme say preface this post that I don't know much about the mechanics of bikes. Here's my issue: I was washing my bike just now (a 2004 KLR) and a black tube fell out of the bike's bowels. No clip or fasteners appear to have fallen off, either. I know that there are supposed to be some dangling tubes below the bike, but I'm not sure how many there are supposed to be and what all their functions are.

In addition to the tube that fell off just now, there are two more tubes hanging down and ziptied near the brake pedal. All of them are black. I will refer to them as tubes #1, #2 and #3, with tube #1 being the one that fell off.

One of them, tube #2, is capped (I assume this is the drain tube for the air filter oil, based on poking around previous posts about hanging tubes). It's about the same diameter as tube #1.

Tube #3 is not capped and slightly larger in diameter than the other two tubes. No idea what this tube is for.

My questions: What are all these tubes for? Are there supposed to be three dangling tubes? Or was the one that fell off supposed to be connected at both ends? What does this one go to and where do I need to poke around to reconnect it? Do I even need to worry about reconnecting it?

Thanks for your help in advance!
-Ian Campbell

EDIT: Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum! Deleting doesn't seem to be possible. Sorry, first post on the forum!

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