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lowering the front

If only an inch, you can lower the front by moving the forks up throught the triple clamps. (an inch) beyond that, you get into problems with the front wheel travel exceeding the available room. (the front wheel will hit the underside of the front fender before mechanical bottom in the forks). If more is needed, then we shorten the travel internally. That does not mean to simply shorten the preload spacers. That forces the need for firmer springs and dampening to avoid bottoming in the shorter travel.
Speaking of bottoming against the fenders, longer "dog-bones" lowering links will usually have heavy riders (or aggressive, yet lighter riders) doing just that when taking bigger hits to the suspension travel. Oh, and taking out the tag mount bracket, etc too.
Much better to use the stock linkage and shorten the shock internally, and beef up the valving will you are there. That way the bottoming position will be the same as stock
Best left to specialists, but a much better solution.

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