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List looks good. Just my opinion/first thoughts on some of the items. Not sure if cost is a consideration or not.

Extra light: If you're adding the extra light for your trip next June, you may find you don't need it. At that time of year, the sun is up from very early in the morning until late into the night. Not sure what your plan is for the ride, but unless you're planning to ride through the night, you may not need the extra light. Could save some $$.

With the size of the panniers and top box, you have the opportunity to really add some extra weight to the bike. My experience is that the side stand is so long that it causes the bike to stand very upright when loaded, which can make it a challenge to find a place to park the bike without it falling over. My bike fell over at least 5 times on my trip to Alaska and back last year because of the tall side stand. You may want to consider shortening the stock side stand. I've put an adjustable side stand on my KLR so that I can shorten it when the bike is loaded.

Not sure what you mean by an upgraded battery. If you mean an upgraded stator to generate more power, that's an option. I don't recall the exact numbers for the excess power for the Gen2, but you can look up the exact numbers on this site. From what I recall, the Gen2 has about 100 extra watts of power with only the low beam on, about 45 watts with the high beam on. Another way of gaining some extra power is to replace some of the lights on the bike with LEDs. I replaced the main lights on my KLR with LEDs from Cyclops Adventure Sports. Saves about 70 watts of power with both low beam and high beam on. Just remember to adjust the aim with the LEDs to get the best useable light pattern. I found on my trip to Alaska that the bike had no trouble powering a heated jacket liner at 50% to 75% power plus a pair of heated gloves.

One additional suggestion, replace the stock hand guards. The stock hand guards break easily when the bike falls over/goes down, and they don't provide any protection for the levers. I have bark busters on my bike, but anything similar would work as well.

Be sure to report back after your ride next year. That's a ride I very much want to take sometime in the next couple of years. Would love to hear about your experience!

Ride safe.

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