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Originally Posted by bakada View Post
Hey, Im located up in North Pole. Bought my 05 Christmas of 07 from a guy who just moved doun to Ketchikan last Aug. Wonder if he misses the bike? Anyway I was wondering If KLR650.com shipped to you for free? Your closer to Washington than I am. I bought almost $1000 worth of stuff from them last spring and it was all shipped for free because I bought it in $150 or more chunks but I notice now they say no free shipping to Alaska any more. Kind of ticked me off and I havnt been back to there site for a while. I know it can cost more to ship to us in Alaska (UPS and Fed Ex) but if they use USPS (as they did) it is the same as shipping to anywhere east of the Mississippi. I still planned on spending alot more money with them but I wont if they charge me shipping but dont charge the guy in Florida. You seem to be happy with them (I was) and was wondering about your experience with there shipping.
I Deal with Brady or Amber and they ship u.s.p.s. to me and it is free. Next time you order deal with one of them and ask. yeah ups or fedex is expensive to us here also it goes to anchorage first and then comes back to us here. Befoer you place your next order call them, they are real easy to get along with good luck, stay warm lol
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