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Why take a chance?

Just get the bottle that says JASO approved and have peace of mind. KLR clutches have slipped and can slip.

If the label fails to mention "energy conserving" it does not mean it doesn't have these additives in it.

Oil manufacturers have different labeling policies and some are downright deceptive within the restraints of the law.

Other than spending hours studying data sheets from all of these manufacturers and just try and find half of them....(good luck)....you may be fine.... you may not.

Just get the oil from any manufacturer that you please that confirms JASO on it. No reason not to.

Someone mentioned Amsoil...... good stuff. Many use Rotella with good results. Not sure if that oil is labeled JASO or not, but if it isn't I'm sure that one is fine based on many many KLR's running it with no reported clutch slippage that I have heard of from multiple KLR sites. Not sure if Rotella is synthetic or not.... maybe they do both synthetic and petroleum based?
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