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I'm guessing 90% of the answers will be the Shinko 705'5.

I like dirt but wear out knobbies too fast with my road miles so I put on the 705
in back. Kenda K 270 for a knobby/street tread up front. The reviews for 705
front tires wasn't as good as the rears. I ordered mine from BikeBandit.com and
they have customer reviews on all the tires they sell. RockyMountainATV.com does
too. Both have similar pricing and shipping. MotorcycleSuperstore.com too.

I love the 705 for the street. Sticks like glue, and good in the rain. It slips in grass
and mud but otherwise is fine off road too.

The K 270 seems to suck. Still getting it broken in but I have developed a wobble at
high speed and I'm nervous getting low in the curves. It's getting flipped around,
and replaced if it doesn't learn to behave predictably. It leads the way wonderfully
in the dirt though as it's a semi-knobby.

There's my reviews, and I think we have close to the same goals in a tire.

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