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I have a 2011 KLR650.
I had local shop trim about 2" off rear of seat, and taper to about 0" near mid point. Seat is about level now. It helped lower the seat, and allow me to plant my feet flat on ground. No "wedgies", and still allows for my knees to be bent almost like original seat. I'm about 5' 10"
BTW: I wear steel toe high work boots. I took them to a shoe repair shop. They put thicker, and rubber soles on the boots. That also helped to reach the ground better.
Every thing is about compromises. You may have to do a lowering link, and drop the front to match.
I really feel that it's really un-safe to ride, street or dirt, if you can't get proper footing, no matter how good a rider you are. You still have to put a foot down when you stop. The ground isn't always level, or sand free.

See my KLR page (link below) for the seat details. Scroll down to the part about the seat.

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2011 Kawasaki KLR 650 (Orange & White )

My KLR Page..http://www.powers31.info/2011_KLR650.htm

Mod's to KLR:
Power socket, L.E.D. Battery Indicator, Camera bag holder
Custom Saddlebag frames .
Louder horns, Firstgear Onyx tail bag.
Custom Aluminum Skid Plate.
Cut down seat with Custom pad.
Go Pro Camera mount.
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