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What the other guys just said.

My K 270 started doing that yesterday towards the end of a 1200 mile ride.
It moved up and down slightly while rolling it in the air on the axle. It wasn't real
pleasing to see this but the bead was solid all around even tho the mold was off
center a few mm.
Mounted it on the bike and the up and down got exaggerated at speed over the miles but
I didn't feel a thing other than wobble speed dropped from 90 to 82. The guys
here had the same reviews on the 270 about the soft compound being unstable at
speed so it wasn't thought about again.

The wear on 1/3 of the tire is a quarter inch more now and it can easily be felt at
30-40 mph, the excact symptom you described !! The heavy side affected the wear
pattern that likely matched the bounce while rolling along.

I'm replacing my tire, not tube on this one,

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