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Originally Posted by Bill10 View Post
On California models with the Evap System there's a hose that runs from the fuel tank to the separator (over by the petcock) and from the separator to the charcoal canister (left rear, upper subframe). That piece of plastic routes the hose both above the snorkel opening and channels it out and away from the left seat bolt so you can get to it without the hose getting in the way.

I actually have a photo of it in my blog when I did a post on the air filter clean/oil. It's the second photo. In the photo you'll see zip ties on the hose. I put those on because the hose keeps popping out of the slots.

KamoKLR: Air Filter Cleaning

In Photo #6 of your blogspot, you make comment about removing the plug in the clear plastic air box drain hose Before riding Deep Water crossings again. Do I understand that suggestion correctly?

That drain hose in Ahead of the Air filter on the clean side of the air Box. One can suck DUST Up that open hose! And with the plug removed from the hose, water will raise up inside of it also!
The water in that hose not only came thru the air box snorkle, but passed thru the foam filter as well!
You really don't yet realize 'just how close' you came to drowning your engine.

When forward progress ceases thru the water, your 'Wake' closes in around you! The water that was just grazing the bottom edges of the side panels is suddenly over the top of your side panels or maybe even the top of your seat!

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