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On any given Sunday (he he), you can find some beauties parked in the TWoS parking lot! Also......since it is officially Octoberfest, I decided to take a pic of a young lady heading out to Helen's festivities! Jamie had to head back to Cleveland the day before, but Jarod came in to take his place on Sunday! The store across the street isn't selling gas anymore.........but that's ok.......'cause Sunrise Grocery over on Hwy 129 has some 93-100% gas for a great price! We decided to take FS 107 back to Hwy 180..........they have graded and put down some great dirt on that road.......so go check it out! After some more riding, we just had to take Jarod over to Canada Falls, since he has never been. After enjoying some great conversation, we decide to call it a day of riding and get another great lunch at TWoS while we wait for the rest of the Bootlegger crew to come...........

Keep Loving Rides!
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