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Galfer Greens, can't go wrong

Hello Natural Born KLRs. So glad I found this blog; allow me to chime in on the Galfer green pads. My 1998 KLR has 28K miles and three sets of wheels that I swap as needed. One set with knobbies, one with 50/50, and one with street tires: Conti TA2’s on 19”/17” wide Excel rims. The stock front rotor worked fine in the dirt but was weak on asphalt. So I mounted a 320m EBC rotor to the 19” rim, only to be disappointed. Power was marginally better and steering felt noticeably heavier—though it only took a few corners to adapt. And the lever still felt spongy, as if the plumbing was flexing. So I added Stainless steel lines and surprise! Much better. No doubt the best bang for the buck, though the lever was still not as firm as I wanted. That left the caliper and master cylinder. The single-piston caliper seemed rigid enough so I replaced the Master Cylinder with a radial unit by Accossato. That did it; strong with good feel and I am in brake heaven. Expensive but worth it for a fussy braker. As for pads, the hard compounds all scored the rotors so I use Galfer greens exclusively. Good feel and power but short on wear. My college age daughter rode my KLR to her summer job and when she returned it, there was a metallic noise at the front. I can now say with certainty that Galfer Green front pads will go 6532 miles before they are down to the backing plate. Amazingly, the EBC rotor escaped unscathed. Even the Galfer backing plate is soft! Fortunately, changing pads is easy. Half hour, max. Hope that helps.
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