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Originally Posted by Damocles View Post
Didn't know the Generation 2 ignition switch grounds the igniter when OFF; opening the circuit to the coil primary windings was its function, I thought....
We have to qualify my statement with "That's the way I'm reading it", which could be wrong.

In the "Off" position the Gen 2 ignition switch connects the B/W from the igniter to chassis ground, the B/Y ground bus wire. Of course, we don't know the functions of the various igniter pins because Denso and KHI hold these close to the vest, but I take that as "grounding the igniter".

I cannot find the right side switch block anywhere in the Shed of Horrors, which is why it is called the Shed of Horrors. I am leaning towards not having a kill switch.

Obviously, I must study this much more...

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