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Originally Posted by Squidly View Post
Greetings ADvrider99!
I don't see thermostat on your list. I'm guessing the fan toggled on and off on it's own before your switch.
And it does sound like a potential vacuum leak.
I don't suppose this recent purchase came from an extremely different altitude than where you are now.... Utah... Huh.. what part?
My next question is how's your mechanical background?
Hi Squidly! Thanks for the welcome.

I haven't replaced the Thermostat yet. I will pull it out and check it today. Then let you know. Yes the fan switch would automatically turn on prior to the switch.

Still no luck on location of a vacuum leak yet, but that would be my guess as to the high rpms since adjusting the mixture screw or the idle screw does nothing. only when I add a 1/4 choke does the rpms drop.

Yup from Utah, Im currently in Provo and work in the American Fork area. I bought the bike here as well. Been in Utah almost a year. Lived in TX Prior to that. I love Utah though, the ride options and scenery are endless!

As far as mechanical background goes, I work on bikes pretty constant. I just finished bringing a friends bike back to life (Honda CB450 Nighthawk). I've owned 4 bikes. 3 dual sport, and a ninja 250 as a project bike. All but 1 were bought in non running condition and I restored each of them. 2 of the bikes I had I completely gutted, cleaned, repainted, and put back together. My KLR was also bought non running. I fixed it up and it was running great for a month and a half, till the current issue.

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