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Originally Posted by pdwestman View Post
I guess that you have never been inside the RH side of either your KLR650 or 250 then have you Damocles!
Never had to open his bike up? I call that a win.

Originally Posted by Damocles View Post
Seems like I've been in there (maybe some time ago); don't recall draining oil (maybe I did); don't understand the necessity for draining the coolant . . . refresh my memory! Water pump interface? Just a guess!
Damocles, the clutch cover does hold the water pump, oil filter and also the sight glass for the oil level. Though, the oil level does completely disappear in the sight glass with the bike only leaning on the kickstand. Other the the dribble out of the oil filter, it's likely the engine would not dump all of it's oil out with that side cover removed.

They're not like some bikes that have an independent clutch cover.

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