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In pic #3 it appears that the spring pin and the spring Lever are grooved.

This is caused by an un-Tightened Doo, which allows a 'Trench' to be worn into the inner cover under the OEM doo. As seen at the LH edge of the oem doo in pic #2.

On a unit that I found in this condition, I used a Dremel burr in a drill press to re-level the case. I was concerned that the EM doo might get 'wedged' into the trench.

On another unit years prior, I used a Dremel burr to relieve the bolt casting under the eccentric doo adjuster to allow the EM doo and torsion spring 'space' to operate. As the chain links were already touching the bolt casting. Eagle Mike does know about this potential interference point. Normally the chain won't wear the far!

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