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Normal maintenance items are:

Oil: Should be kept near the top and changed every 3,000 miles or so. Some will say every 2,000. I have one with 100K miles changed every 5,000. Oil changes are a good marker/reminder for other maintenance items.

Oil filter: can be changed every other oil change.

Air filter: It is simple to check it every oil change until you learn how long it last on the highway. You will learn from use how often you need to clean the air filter.

Chain and sprockets: Wear rate seems to increase as they get older. I would start checking once a week. A good x-ring chain should be good for around 15,000miles. Check it for wear by pulling it back at the center of the rear sprocket. If you can see light between the chain and the sprocket, it is time to order a new chain. Adjust the chain so that you can push the bottom up to barely touch the end of the rubber slider on the swingarm. When the sprocket teeth start to look sharp pointed and hooked like sharks teeth, they should be replaced.

Valve clearances: At your mileage every 25,000 miles should be a good check interval. Now would be a good time for the first check if you have not done one.

Balancer chain adjustment. If the adjuster lever (doohickey) and spring have not been replaced, I would do so. Then adjust every other oil change.

Bearings: Check for roughness and add grease if necessary at each tire change. I get about 50,000 miles.

Tires: you will be changing tires every couple of months and can experiment with brands and models. With you high road mileage street tires would seem best. Keep the air pressure around 30 rear and 32 front.
oolant level: Look through the slot in front of the radiator reservoir to check the level with each oil change.

Brakes: Pad wear is a function of the number of stops rather than miles. I would start by checking each oil change.

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