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Originally Posted by DantesDame View Post
There's a lot to list!

- (pavement) always trust your tires. Lean into the turn as much as you can
- (pavement) you can stop faster than you think with your brakes - practice!
- (dirt) the throttle can get you out of a heap of trouble. Deep sand, gravel...when in doubt, gas it!
- (always) look ahead. Be aware of your surroundings and anticipate problems
The first two are very, very important!! You will be AMAZED at how far you can take the bike over without loosing control.. I have drug the pegs on my KLR!!
And grab that front brake for all it's worth!! Don't slam it, but squeeze.. What you want is weight transfer to the front tire, which will greatly assist in the tire's bite on the road!!!

But, first and foremost, my suggestion for all new, or returning riders is to take the MSF Experienced Rider Course as soon as you can!! If you have trouble finding a course location, call your local Harley dealership and ask when they're holding one.. Most Harley shops have the course once or more a month and the price isn't bad.. And usually it'll get you a 10-20% break on your bike insurance, too!!

And just think about how fun it is running circles around Harley riders on your KLR!!

I've been legally road riding for (gulp) 29 years.. I've ridden track days in the US and Canada. I ride aggressively and typically put 15-20,000 miles a year on motorcycles, and I still take the ERC course once every 4-5 years as a refresher..

Take the course.. I'll save you money on insurance, and could save your life..
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