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This is a movie done by a local southern Wisconsinite about motorcycle riding with his friends.. While it's sportbike oriented, and the guys are pretty much constantly breaking speed limits, it's also got some fantastic footage about riding with friends and what it all means..

Oh, and it's almost an hour long..

Unfortunately, I get the movie in the sense that street riding is an absolute thrill, but also dangerous.. As someone who's been riding for damned near 30 years and recently found himself in possesion of a motorcycle that's as happy at 120 as it is at 60, some roads are just made to be riden fast.. And as you'll see, there's prices to be paid for riding fast... Mostly to the local law officer..

I'll leave it at that and just take the time to enjoy the video.

(and if you have sensitive ears, be aware that the F bomb get's dropped a couple times)

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