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Looking for feedback on mechanical for 2012 KLR

Greetings KLR GRoup,

I need some feedback please. Proud owner of 2012 KLR approx 16k miles. No mechanical problems and runs well until recently. Pulling out of driveway in 50 yards bike went completely dark and quit running. No battery click, no lights, (even when turned to lock left, which I read on this forum). Was going down an incline and tried to restart but nothing. Things I have checked:

Pulled seat checked battery, obvious rubbing of wires......nothing. Both fine.

Referred to the work manual and located fuse panel, all looked fine but upon further checking I found a 20 amp master fuse and bingo it was blown. I replaced it and bike fired up.

Seems to easy, now the questions:

I am concerned as to what caused the fuse to blow. Can the fuse just blow because of time or did something I can't see, like a wire under the tank that is chafed be a cause? All accessories go through fuse block so there is no issue there.

Any feedback on your experience would be helpful. As I am not a mechanic to technician please provide easy to understand instructions.

Thanks very much
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